Account CIC works in solidarity with people to:

  • ​​Advance the rights of people denied access to justice
  • Challenge discriminatory practices and structures
  • Claim and assert the need for public spaces, goods and services.
  • ​​Instigate action to foster collective control and autonomy​
  • Pose alternative questions about the composition and dynamics of urban societies.

Asset Lock

For all Community Interest Companies, it is a requirement to have an ‘asset lock’. To ensure that the company’s assets are used for the benefit of the community, rather than the benefits of its Directors, Account has opted to ensure any assets are gifted to the ‘Tamil Community Centre’, a long-term project partner and organisation dedicated to providing support to Tamil refugees and other vulnerable migrants across London. 

Account Community Interest Company (CIC) is a social enterprise that delivers community-driven projects that have a local, national and European-wide impact. 

Account Community Interest Company (CIC) aims to develop a model channeling self-financing from professional training to socially themed, community-driven activities. Account CIC has been established as an entity since 2009. In January 2014, Account CIC was registered as a formal entity with Companies House as ‘Account Trust Community Interest Company’ (Company No. 08865628). 

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