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Black Advocacy Training Programme

 Account CIC has been funded by NHS England to develop an advocate training programme that can work towards transforming the experience of Black men in secure. 

 In 2016, Account CIC were involved in service-user engagement with Black men in low and medium forensic services across nine regions of England. This research identified the key concerns for this group. Following the research further engagement was carried out to see what Black men thought would help to improve their differential experience. As an outcome of this engagement three pilot projects were developed: personal development, peer mentoring and advocacy. 

 Account CIC have been tasked with leading on the advocacy project that comprises a 10-week programme which has been co-produced with experts by experience. The pilot commenced on 17thOctober and will train 16 people from across the West Midlands to be race equality advocates. The pilot brings together key partners including the British Institute for Human Rights and Catalyst 4 Change, and includes modules addressing equality, mental health, and human rights legislation. Type your paragraph here.